Thursday, February 07, 2008

where's the baseball?

A bit of a programming change to note for those readers who swing by here to check out my baseball-related musings…

Although I may include some stuff about baseball here from time to time, I expect that the majority of that sort of content will instead be funneled through the blog created in support of the new trading card business I have partnered into called Aardvark Trading Co.

Be sure to add “Cards in the Attic” to your RSS reader in order to keep up to date on all my published writings.

Monday, February 04, 2008

when in n'walins

Yes, I will gladly pay you next Fat Tuesday for a crawdaddy today. Happy Mardi Gras to those still sober enough to read. Krej skjsl pqki yb wjsg to the rest of you. (Either way, don't forget to click on the image!)

I must say that the reactions to my komix so far have ranged from gentle recommendations that I find some sort of day job to utter confusion. I received the following telegram after I published my last offering “Used Car Salesmen.”

“Dear Kris, STOP

Please cancel my subscription to your blog. STOP

You may keep the change. STOP

Signed, Anonymous. STOP”