Friday, December 10, 2004

roadside distractions

Shadows of the Mother Road

Sorry, really no time to think of much of interest to write once again as I've been spending my free time researching what camera I want to buy. (Settled on the Nikon D70) I will be posting photos taken with the new camera before the new year strikes.

I also have been working through a few serious issues with my commercial website, but that all seems to be under control now.

medical update: News from the radiologist and doctor indicates that my abdominal pain is "real," although it has yet to be determined what sort of treatment will be required beyond drinking beer and trying not to think about it.


M32001 said...

In this case, I'd agree w/ self-diagnosis. "More wine!"

johnny_mango said...

The above picture sorta looks like Cubero. Just where is it? Nice pix.

AlbuqwirkE said...

Yes, this is a photo of the skeleton of the Villa de Cubero Hotel. Interestingly, these walls CAN talk! Can you hear their whisperings?