Monday, May 02, 2005

who let the dawgs out?

Gee whiz, have I really not posted any blog entries since the last one about my visit to the racetrack? Would you believe that I got busy with baseball and gardening again? Well, those are my excuses. Unfortunately, I seem to have more excuses than I have ideas for interesting topics to blog about.

And to make sure that you don’t think that all I do now is spend my time betting on the ponies, here is a photo I snapped this Saturday at the Downs at Albuquerque. Although these little critters only raced some 50 to 60 feet, I was AMAZED at how quickly they covered that amount of ground after busting out of the gates like a pack of insane rats at a cheese convention.

(Don't forget to click on the images to see them full-sized.)

I also took this photograph of what I would describe as a “normal” horse between two of the horse races. My theory is that they keep “normal” horses around the track to help calm the high-spirited racehorses so they don’t jump the rails and trample the fans.

Certainly Albuquerque has been getting lots of national press this weekend with the arrival and quick departure of Atlanta native, Jennifer Wilbanks. It almost goes without saying (but I will anyway), that it is great news that she was found at the payphone in front of a local 7-11 store rather than stuffed in a dumpster behind the building. Too bad the television show “COPS” has been banned from filming any more episodes in our city, as that would have made for a fantastic episode. On a nearly related note, seeing her photos flashed all over the tube the past few days has reminded me that it is probably about time for my annual visit to the optometrist.

This blogger is left wondering whether Jennifer and her blushing fiancĂ© will be returning to Albuquerque this fall for the balloon fiesta. If so, hopefully they’ll be able to stay longer.

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