Wednesday, June 29, 2005

John Edwards sighting

I had an encounter with the John Edwards entourage downtown Tuesday afternoon. Kudos to the DukeCityFix for alerting interested parties that the former Senator was scheduled to be in town to speak at the Albuquerque Living Wage campaign rally on the Civic Plaza. What a wonderful opportunity for freelance and amateur photographers to capture a bit of Albuquerque history! Therefore, I am going to give the Fix first dibs at publishing my better photos, so you may want to head directly to that website to view them. Nevertheless, I will be posting a couple shots here to give you a feel of the day.

This first photo is of one of Edwards’ bodyguards. These dudes were packin’ serious heat, and they weren’t afraid to show their pieces. This guy was giving me the thrice over as I made my way behind him to get this shot.

I also got a kick out of this photo for some reason. I was curious as to just how much this old fella truly cared about whether or not minimum wage is $5.15 an hour or $7.50 an hour- but not curious enough to ask him. Probably he would have told me to visit the ACORN website, and leave him alone.

And here are a couple of photos featuring the man himself...

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