Sunday, October 30, 2005

signature of the times

So I’m in the process of getting my baseball cards all prepared to take to Arizona next week where I will be checking out some Arizona Fall League action. Not only will this trip allow me one final taste of baseball before the harsh reality of winter sets in, but will also provide opportunities to get autographs of some of the most highly regarded talents who are only a few steps away from waking up in the major leagues.

With baseball still on the brain, I have a couple of other related items I feel worth mentioning.

I just received a very nice letter from Minnesota Twins pitching prospect Pat Neshek. Pat sent me a few autographed cards to complete a trade I had mentioned in a previous entry entitled art-O-graphs. He also mentioned that he had added a link to my website from his On The Road website. Pat’s site is such a great source I guess I should add a link to it on the baseball portion of my site and drive some traffic his direction.

Another strange thing happened late this week. I opened a package from Just Minors and discovered that they had mistakenly sent my recent order to my old address, and had sent me an entire set of preview cards and an Aubry Huff autographed card to compensate for any inconvenience I may have suffered. Now THAT is quality customer service my friend! Even before that I would have stated that Just produces some of the best baseball cards on the market- especially if you are looking to acquire autographs of future stars BEFORE they get famous.

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