Tuesday, September 18, 2007

klimbing that ladder

Don’t worry; I didn’t land a fancy corporate job or anything like that!

However, my plan to spend the down time between the end of baseball and the beginning of hockey kicking around at the racetrack took a twist this past weekend when I wormed my way into one of the video crew positions at the Downs at Albuquerque.

A perfect excuse to spend every day at the racetrack, and earn a little cash while learning more about the fascinating world of horse racing and betting on the ponies!

Without a doubt, the most challenging aspect of my new job is getting to work, even though the track is located only a few miles from home. Actually, the last 50 feet of my commute are the most difficult I’ve had to overcome given that they are literally straight up! Trust me, it is a true white-knuckle experience.

However, once I arrive at my perch, the view from my “desk” is pretty amazing.

Here's a view of the New Mexico State Fair which wraps up this Sunday.

I could keep typing, but I need to save my fingers for clinging onto the ladder through the end of the live racing season in early October.

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