Saturday, November 17, 2007

three wise kards

For as long as I can remember, I’ve always preferred to make greeting cards myself as opposed to buying them in a store. It just seems more personal.

Following the huge success of my bilingual Opus the penguin double-sided pop-up Christmas card in 1993, a number of people on my mailing list have inquired whether or not I would be interested in designing their holiday cards. Until now, I have resisted.

What follows then are three holiday-themed card designs that you can actually obtain and send to your friends, family and co-workers this year. If you DARE!

Feliz, Navidad

This card highlights my commitment to not learning a second language, while making readers wonder if I’ve even learned one. The town featured in the photo is actually Toledo, Spain.

Bah humbug

I designed this card with people who totally dislike the holiday season in mind. I wouldn’t be at all surprised if I end up getting a couple of this style sent to my mailbox.

Tis the season

I actually really like this design. Simple, yet to and well beyond the point! While you don’t have to buy this card, you will have to click on the link above in order to obtain the punch line.

Of course it would be completely selfish of me to not take advantage of your attention and point you toward the cards I would probably purchase if I was going to send out cards made by other people. These Christmas Story cards are the best!

Happy shopping!

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Karen said...

I totally think you should photoshop in a santa hat for the duck...