Monday, January 23, 2006

eye in the sky

Don’t worry; this entry isn’t about the Alan Parson’s Project (although that I Robot is a damned fine album).

Following up on a blog entry by my friend Chantal at the Duke City Fix, I entered my address in a beta version of the Windows Live Local website- mostly just to see how it compares to Google Earth. For one, the name is noticeably less catchy. Other than that, it is currently only useful if you live in one of a dozen large US cities. Both are fun to mess around with.

While checking out the various views of the property, I wondered when the images were gathered. Then I was dumbfounded when I realized that the views to the west and east had captured me in the process of loading two truckloads of weeds and garden waste into my pickup truck so I could haul it to a city dump in a single trip. Strangely enough, today marks the 10-month anniversary of the date (March 23, 2005) when I actually completed that chore. Luckily big brother managed to document me in the process of actually doing something constructive instead of hanging around in the garden searching for praying mantids or hanging out at the racetrack.

I have only a rough idea when the other two images were captured. The view to the south was obviously taken very early on a Thursday morning (based on the shadows being cast from the trash containers lining the street). All I can tell about the view from to the north is that it was taken not long after March 14th.

Also, in order to prevent any number of readers from emailing and inquiring about the image included here, it is a Photoshop-altered compilation of screen captures I made using a trial version of SnagIt software. (As always, don’t forget to “click” on the photo to see the full-size image!)

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