Thursday, January 19, 2006

how lucky can one get?

When asked, “What’s a good way to spend a three-day weekend?” I’ll either ignore the person, or reply, “Hunting for decent dive bars.” Ever since I first noticed the wonderful sign advertising the Yucca Lounge at 114 Wyoming NE just north of Central Avenue, I thought it might be a tavern worthy of dropping a few bucks. Unfortunately, by the time I got around to checking the place out, it was too late.

The Yucca Lounge might still be a great place to hang out with friends and enjoy a few drinks and laughs, but you should know up front that the place is now decidedly BYOE(verything)… beers, stools, neon lights, jukebox, walls, roof, etc. I have no idea when this place was demolished, or even when/if anyone plans on returning to the location and hauling off the remaining debris.

I would definitely like to install the existing sign in my garden to inspire future agricultural projects, so I thought I’d better begin drafting a proposal to submit to Albuquerque's Landmarks and Urban Conservation Commission to find out what objections they might have to possible relocation.

One might be temped to ask, “Where’s a good place to write such a proposal?” Of course I would ignore such a question and head directly to the lounge at the Lucky 66 Bowl (6132 4th St NW), where I could clear my mind and begin scrawling a few words onto paper.

Dewars Pub offers a sort of crow’s nest lounge that overlooks some 40 lanes of humanity. You sort of feel like you are located in the pilothouse of a large boat- a paddlewheel riverboat in search of the mysterious island of video poker machines, if you must. One can look down over the starboard side and watch people playing ridiculous dancing-themed arcade games while their friends look on with amazed faces. There is no visible jukebox at Dewars Pub, but that isn’t a problem as long as you are in the mood for 80s rock ballads that are pumped out of the sound system. Dewars Pub does feature live music every so often, and karaoke even more frequently.

Service was friendly. Two bottles of beer will run you $4.50 (plus tip). Rum is available for pirates. Smoking is encouraged, and mullets are embraced.

A portion of the floor is covered with fantastic Route 66-themed carpet featuring a tribute to Old Town Albuquerque complete with an image of flamenco dancers. All expenses were spared when the restrooms were being furnished. The low-flow Mansfield urinals are pretty much what you would expect to find in a non-descript "customer's only" public restroom.

All said, Dewars Pub is a decent-enough place to drink a few beers. If you bowl, then you should add Lucky 66 Bowl to your “Must Visit” list.

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