Monday, September 11, 2006

another lathe in the wall

Amazing what you can do with a pipe wrench! The tub is finally unhooked and the tacky brass hardware has been removed and tossed into the yard. Funny how much larger the 6’ by 9’ room seems now even with the tub still in it. It is the only fixture still left in the bathroom. Now I have to figure out the best method of moving it to a good location for cleaning and painting.

After a considerable amount of effort, I was able to remove the remaining tiles and backing board from the lower wall behind the baseboard heating unit. What royal pain that was with the cramped work space and lack of leverage, but I couldn’t see any way of taking it apart (short of cutting the copper pipe which I wanted no part of). In fact, I now have all the walls stripped to 5 feet above the floor. I have removed the trim from the inside of the door and window, but likely will have to remove a bit more trim as I am planning on taking the walls off all the way to 8 feet tomorrow.

The replacement sink, vanity and toilet have all been purchased and transported home. While I take a break from the work to snap some documentary photographs, my assistant studies the area where the new sink eventually will be installed.

Also have picked up ceramic tile for the floor and a bunch of tools. Since no museums seem interested in my proposed donation of the linoleum due to the possible hazardous nature of the material, the plan now is to lay the tile directly onto the existing surface. I plan on doing that after I get the walls in place and painted. The new color scheme has been chosen, but no paint has been purchased.

I just realized that I’m probably going to have to shave the bottom off the door trim and quite probably, the door itself. So I’m either going to need a saw, or some very well trained termites. I suppose that as long as I'm creating a shopping list, I should also pick up a shop-vac.

I have yet to address any lighting issues. We better get back to work.

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