Friday, September 15, 2006

electric avenue

Here are some snapshots of the electrical outlet I mentioned that needs replaced with a GFCI receptacle. Although the outlet is located in the bathroom, it appears to be an “end-of-the-run” receptacle for the circuit that powers the adjacent bedroom to the east.

Another oddity about the way the house is wired is that when I flip the breaker for the bathroom circuit, it also kills the power to my wife’s office (located in the 1920s addition).

I also read somewhere that you should never cover electrical boxes with walls in case they have to be accessed for one reason or another. That leaves me scratching my head trying to decide what I should do with the junction box I uncovered in the wall above the quad electrical switch next to the door on the north wall.

Moving clockwise from the upper left, these switches control the ceiling light, bathroom fan, wall heater and wall sconce respectively.

I guess my options are to either move it up to the wall and cover it with a solid plate cover, or just bury it behind drywall again.

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