Friday, December 23, 2005

final flock

It appears that filming of “The Flock” on our block has finally wrapped up. Roderick , one of the Production Assistants, informed me that they were indeed using a wolf in the film. In fact, they had three Canadian wolves at their disposal- I guess because even the best animal handlers are unable to predict in advance how a particular animal is going to react to a given situation. I found it odd that even animal roles in motion pictures are being outsourced these days. I guess no American wolves were interested in the part.

I watched over an hour of the production late last Friday night, including more conversation between Richard Gere and Claire Danes while they sat inside that crappy brown Buick I mentioned a few days before. I also got to see one of the wolves up close. That was insane! I found it really interesting to watch the handler rubbing the wolf’s tummy while it rolled around on it’s back on Walter Street. The PA also told me that in the movie, the wolf enters Danes’ house and begins licking her hand while she is sleeping. Supposedly, the “bad guy” is sending her a message to leave him alone. Not to fear though, as Gere shows up and saves her (assuming, of course, that he isn’t a werewolf in FBI agent’s clothing).

Okay, I don’t expect to be mentioning this film again until I learn when it is scheduled for release. Thank you for your patience!

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