Tuesday, December 13, 2005

no place else to go

Yet another entry about New Mexico's film industry. This time I’m not working as an extra, or even sitting around pretending like I’m waiting to be an extra. Instead, this time someone is shooting a movie across the street and three doors to the north of our house. In fact, they are shooting there right now.

This film is reportedly called “The Flock,” and stars Sir Richard Gere and Claire Danes. I won’t delve into the plot since I don’t know any more about it that you can find at Internet Movie Database.

Walter Street has been closed off since 9:00 am. My truck is the only one on the street that belongs to someone who lives in the neighborhood, resulting in an eerie feeling of being stuck in some combination of the Twilight Zone and the film Omega Man. I understand that everyone else on the block has complied with the requests of the production company to park in a church parking lot a few blocks to the east. I’m holding out for them to either sweeten the pot by offering me some cash to move my truck, or at least give me a ride in a limo. If nothing else, perhaps my old Ranger will make it into the movie.

The scene I’ve watched them shoot over and over and over and, well… over again today is this:

Richard Gere is standing out on the sidewalk next to a crappy brown car. Maybe it isn’t “crappy,” but it certainly is ugly. Anyhoo, once the director calls for action, this blonde-haired woman walks out of the house and down the sidewalk. The neighbors are telling me this actress is Claire Danes. I honestly have no idea who that is, so I looked her up online. After looking at her photos, I don’t think they are correct. Instead, I think she is KaDee Strickland. Nevertheless, this woman and Richard talk for a bit before he opens the car door for her and walks around to the driver’s side. They continue talking, and then she yells, “What, are you following me?” That leads to a bit more talking and eventually they climb into the car close the doors.

I shot a few photos from the front yard, but wasn’t able to get close enough to take anything worth sharing. However, our neighbor really wanted to meet Richard, so her son Jeff walked her over to the set and they actually got a decent photo with him before an angry Production Assistant ran them off.

Other rumors I’ve heard about this film include us not be “allowed” to have any outdoor lights on tonight, and that the movie is supposedly set in New Orleans.

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Anonymous said...

It sounds like it could be a prequel to Narnia.